Sunday, April 12, 2009

Movie Review: Ananda Thandavam

Ananda Thandavam – Piercingly flimsy

Production: Aascar Ravichandran

Direction: Gandhi Krishna

Star-casts: Siddharth, Thamannah, Rukmani, Rishi, Kitty and others.

Music: G.V. Prakash

Cinematography: Jeeva Shankar


‘Turning words into pictures’ – Perhaps, this isn’t something easy as every auteur as they glimpse through each spellbinding novel. Precisely, Gandhi Krishna has attempted on Sujatha’s ‘Pirivoam Sandipoam’ on the screens. Has the colossal piece worked wonders on screens? Certainly, but not exceeding your expectations. Maybe, for those who have read the novel, it’s not gonna be easy to perceive the adapted version. Looks like Gandhi Krishna has blended some of the worst commercial aspects so adequately that spoils the Sujatha’s touch.

Ragupathi (Siddarth) – the youngster stands on the cliff of rocky hills of heavily gushing down waters of Kuttralam. Yeah! Your guesses are right? He jumps right down and there commences the flashback revealing Raghu is an unemployed youngster quite frustrated all the time. His dad (Kitty) is so kind enough in caring him who doesn’t pressurize things on his life, but has strong advises on the lad. Meanwhile, Raghu falls flattered in love with Madumitha (Thamannah) who’s so good and kind-hearted in nature. Their engagement rings appear glossy on their fingers and still few days left for their nuptials. But everything is dashed down once Radhakrishnan (Rishi) of Mackintosh from US brainwashes the entire family and gets Madhu married to him. And now, you’ve the reason lying beneath Raghu’s suicide attempt. Don’t worry, he’s saved by his dad and his revival blooms once he flees to US for higher studies. Fine! Then he meets Rathna (Rukmani) born and brought up in States, yet stiffly adhered to Indian Culture and Traditions. Things go so fine between these two and they’re ready to marry in Pittsburgh Temple. But, Madhu and Raghu meet each other that leads to series of unexpected twists and turns with an appalling climax.

Siddarth brims with a decent show and looks cute on the screens. For sure, he would be the latest sensations amongst the girls in town. Thamannah is outstanding on her performance and she eclipsing everybody with her best act. Rukmani has a beautiful delineation while Rishi evokes the right feel of antagonism. When everything is perfect with casting, Gandhi Krishna terribly fails in penning a gripping narration. Merely, miniscule audiences would’ve patience to watch the film completely while for the rest they step of out the theatres post-interval.

Musical score by G.V. Prakash is commendable. Jeeva Shankar’s cinematography is yet another embellishment adding to colorful looks. V.T. Vijayan’s editing is so amateurish as it lacks continuity.

On the whole, Ananda Thandavam has probabilities for sustaining the shows in Multiplexes for few weeks. But, there are no chances of winning the response at ‘B’ and ‘C’ Centres…

Verdict: Middling adaption of a prodigious novel.  


  1. it's good novel, but the screenplay is not so perfect

  2. Good novel, but screenplay fails terribly

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